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Cross Industry Solutions

ServSuite software isn't limited to a single vertical but spans a wide variety of service industries.

Productivity Tracking

Track your company's productivity through customizable reports.

Our Experience

Our software works because our team has the experience to back up our knowledge.

Build Your Brand

ServicePro service industry pest control software helps build your business and increase your brand awareness.

ServicePro is a Trusted Name in Pest Control Software

We've been developing our product since 1998,
and we are now used by over 2,000 pest control companies. 


Why Should You Choose Us?

ServicePro is the only cross-platform service industry software solution out there. This powerful pest control software will help manage your entire workforce and their daily tasks. Choose ServicePro for the complex needs of your pest control, arbor care, or lawn care company.

  • Mobile software available
  • Manage scheduling, routing, inventory, and commission with one solution
  • Customize ServSuite to meet your needs

ServSuite Features

ServSuite provides a wide variety of tailored features and functions for your pest control, lawn care, or arbor care industry. Whether you are in need of scheduling software, a mobile app, or business management software, we have the software solution to match your needs.



Mobile Apps

Barcode Scanning


Inventory Module

Route Planning



Cloud Technology

ServSuite Mobile Software for Pest Control, Lawn Care and Arbor Care

Is your lawn, arbor, or pest control business growing like it should? ServSuite's pest control software is an all in one software solution developed by professionals in your industry. With ServSuite Mobile, your work becomes paperless and painless!

Nearly 2,000 service companies trust ServicePro

Johnson Pest Control
Pest Control Software User

"ServicePro is our company's most valuable partner. ServSuite not only works well for us, but they also seem to care about making our business succeed."

~ Johnson Pest Control

Massey Services
Pest Control Software User

"ServSuite is strong in reporting, it's reasonably intuitive and it's a program that doesn't crash. But at the end of the day, its ability to grow with us is what stands out. Its people are able to think through what their customers are going to need as they grow - and as a result, they're going to grow, too."
~ Massey

Western Pest Services
Pest Control Software User

"Meeting ServicePro's ownership and staff reinforced my decision to have ServSuite as our technology backbone."
~ Western Pest Services

Sales and Support

We offer unlimited tech support with our arbor, lawn, and pest control software solution 24 hours a day, and 6 days a week. Whether you need help using the software or just want to explore how it works, our support team is available with answers.

New ServSuite Scheduler – Improved Pest Control Scheduling!

We have just finished and made available our New Scheduler for pest control! It’s been built using a more modern technology. It’s completely mobile-friendly, with improved functionality and more stable than ever. The New Scheduler gives a visual representation of work that needs to be completed. You can find it in the Main Menu, under…

ServSuite’s Client Web Portal for Pest Control Companies (E-Connect)

This week, we’ve prepared a blog post for you going into details about E-Connect, the Client Web Portal for pest control companies, where users can login and handle their information. It’s an online customer access platform. E-Connect or Client Web Portal can give your company an easy-to-work-with professional image. If you’ve never used it before,…

Send Surveys to Your Pest Control Customers with ServSuite Software

This week, we will be talking about one of our latest additions, designed to help you improve your brand image by achieving exceptional customer service in your pest control business. ServSuite pest control software now allows its user companies to create a personalized Survey in order to get a detailed customer feedback. Using Surveys so…


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